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    7 Tips to make the most out of your Halloween Party 🎃

    7 Tips to make the most out of your Halloween Party 🎃

    Hey everyone!! I hope you’re all having a great fall season so far! We’ve been busy at Gala Kids Store getting everything ready for our winter collection that will be released soon! More on that later. 


     Today, I wanted to reach out and talk about the spookiest, funniest party of the year! Yeap, I’m talking about Halloween! 

    As a mother of a little girl, I’ve been looking into ideas and tips on how to make the most out of a Halloween party for children and I wanted to share with you my what I’ve found to be the most important, fundamental points to consider when throwing your private Halloween party. 

     1. Costumes are key for a great Halloween party. Remind guests of the importance to dress up for the venue; however, remember its a kid’s party and they don’t have to dress up in a horrifying, scary way. Kids look pretty fun wearing home-made pumpkin dress, or dressing up as tortoises, doggies, cats, fairies or even their favorite tv-show characters like Micky and Minnie Mouse! 

     2. I believe that carved Pumpkins are widely related to Halloween pretty much anywhere. Don’t forget to stage them as props around your venue, house, patio, etc. You can find this at any convenience store, or huge wholesalers! They add a great mood and ambiance to your party while not being a very expensive item!

    3. Spider webs are also a must on any spooky party. You DIY webs by grabbing a pack of cotton and breaking it down in slim portions and placing it all over the place. Remember to add small, black, plastic spiders to the webs to make it look real! Spiders can be found for cheap in the nearest party store!

    4. Now into colors. Halloween’s colors are Black, Orange, and Purple. Make sure your tabletops are wearing their colors skirts. Also, tabletops, accents, and props must match this color palette. It’s all in the small details.

    5. Candy is a must on any children’s party. Convenience stores wholesale a great mix-up of candies with Halloween Wrapping starting by the end of September. Make sure you get yours in time as they tend to run out as the days go by.

    6. Make sure the party stays entertained by having your kids and guest involved in any sort of Halloween activities. My personal favorites are wrapping a guest up like a mommy. Other all-time favorite is decorating carved pumpkins, or even carving it themselves. The latter can be a little expensive but it's bound to keep all your guests interested for a long time.

    7. The party turned out to be great, now its time to wrap it up. Remember the old days where we used to tell scary stories? Well, its 2019 and nobody does that anymore, but you can set up the big screen with a children’s scary movie like Casper, Hotel Transylvania and more! Check out IMDB.com for more on this. 


    Remember, in the end, its all about having fun with our friends and loved ones. If you liked these 7 tips on making the best Halloween party, share this with your friends and family on social media and subscribe to our blog. 


    We’ve just finished assembling our winter 2019 collection and we will be releasing it! We’re very excited to show it to you! 


    We wish you all a great weekend! Thanks for reading. 

    Welcome to Gala Kids Store - Thank you!

    Welcome to Gala Kids Store - Thank you!

    Hi there, my name is Ligia! 
    I would like to start our blog segment by thanking all of our clients for the big support received in this past two weeks. We hope the confidence you have in us builds with every product you acquire. 
    Regardless of the enormous support shown by all of you, the whole team at Gala Kids Store has been working around the clock, learning all the things you, as a client, enjoy seeing on our end and we will keep learning as the days go by. 
    We were very excited when the first order came in! I believe none of us at GKS will forget that notification popping in. We’ve been packaging and shipping orders as they come on conventional mailing boxes, but Gala Kids is nothing but conventional. We’re designing our own branded gift box and we’re super thrilled to show it to you soon! This will upscale our products to a whole new level of client experience! 
    As our, soon-to-be-released, Christmas collection is on its final stages of preparation, I want to shout-out to my team. GKS is a family-owned business, however, we have the opportunity to work alongside a great team of graphics designers, marketing specialist and customer service representatives that makes everything come together! Thank you all for the hard work invested in this start-up. 
    If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, we’re offering a little something for new subscribers so go ahead an do so, I’m sure you won’t regret! 
    Thanks again to our clients, thanks for making my dreams come true. My joy is your happiness when you open a package from GKS. 
    Thank you all, 
    Ligia Rutinel.