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    Welcome to Gala Kids Store; a family-owned online, high end, boutique that aims to dress children with style, wherever they are in the world. 


    - As told by a loving dad and husband -


    " Let me tell you a wee, tiny story about my family; GKS started as an idea for Ligia, my wife. Since the day I met her almost 10 years ago, she's always been a lover for good, contemporary and old school garment, particularly for children. 
    Back in 2016, we started expecting the joy of our lives, Alison. Meanwhile, Ligia started playing with the idea of designing kid's clothing so that our little princess can wear them once she was born in mid-2017. Fast-forward several months; Ligia was already participating at fashion shows in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; showcasing her designs at large. This created the demand for a boutique that provides unique, high-end dress for children and that's where Gala Kids Store stepped in. "


    We aim to dress for every occasion, regardless of how big or small it is, with our premier, exclusive, in-house designs that you and your little one have been looking for. 

    Alison is our main motivation and we will continue to deliver high quality, exclusive, premier designs that bring joy to the kids and families that wear them.  

    Thanks again for visiting our website. Remember to check back soon for our new arrivals!